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Why Eye Cream Is Essential

You can get every cosmetic or surgical dermatological treatment on your forehead, nose, chin, and tummy – but the eyes don’t lie. Eye wrinkles are one of the most visible, common, and earliest signs of aging, often appearing in the mid-twenties! Fortunately, a high-quality eye cream can help prevent and reduce eye wrinkles. Here’s how to find the perfect eye cream and why it’s essential for everyone – men and women alike.

Benefits of Eye Cream

Eye Cream Provides Necessary Support for Eye Wrinkles

Our facial expressions are what cause wrinkles. Specifically, when we smile, frown, laugh, squint, or concentrate, there is a contraction of muscles that causes a crease or fold in the skin. Over time and with repetition, those creases and folds become permanent features on the face. One of the most common areas for this to happen is around the eyes. Those tiny wrinkles are typically referred to as “crow’s feet” due to their shape.

The first step to prevent and reduce eye wrinkles is with a high-quality, anti-aging skin care regimen. Products formulated for aging skin can help reduce wrinkles all over the face. But in order to maximize your skin care routine, you’ll want to consider using an eye cream that can more specifically target the eye area.

Why use a separate eye cream when you already have a great facial moisturizer? Well, it’s a matter of product strength and concentration. The pores around the eyes are significantly smaller than the pores on the rest of the face. This means that they usually require products that are heavier, thicker, and more concentrated. Most eye creams work by deeply moisturizing the eye area, which in turn helps to reduce eye wrinkles.

Ingredients to Look for in Your Eye Cream

A few common elements found in most high-quality eye creams include wrinkle reducing ingredients. First, look for the words “non-comedogenic” on your eye cream label. This ensures that the ingredients in the product won’t clog your pores and cause breakouts.

Peptides are another typical ingredient found in eye creams. These support collagen production, which can boost the skin’s firmness, giving a smoother, plumper, more youthful appearance to those skin folds. Vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin K are also all quite helpful in brightening the eye area, reducing puffiness, and filling in those crow’s feet lines. Anti-aging ingredients like retinol help to reduce eye wrinkles, especially in eye creams formulated for nighttime use. Other naturally occurring ingredients might include things like chamomile, which is an anti-inflammatory. This can not only help reduce eye wrinkles, but also go to work on any dark circles or undereye bags.

Applying Eye Cream

The biggest key to application is ensuring you’re being as gentle as possible. Because the skin around the eye area is thin like tissue paper, you’ll want to use your ring finger to apply eye cream. This finger has the fewest ligaments of any on the hand, so it applies the least amount of pressure to the sensitive eye area.

If you’re applying eye cream in the morning, be sure to use a lightweight foundation that won’t be greasy or clumpy underneath makeup. And you may want to find an eye cream with SPF 15 or higher if you’re applying during the day. This can help protect your eyes from further wrinkling and damage caused by the sun’s UV rays.

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