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Top Questions to Ask Your Dermatologist About Eczema

Did you know that one in ten people will develop eczema during their lifetime? Eczema doesn’t only affect a person with a certain ethnicity, all skin colors, all races, and people of any age can be severely affected.

Are you trying to learn more about eczema after your diagnosis? Keep reading to learn about the right questions to ask your dermatologist and improve your understanding of the skin condition.

1. Can Stress Make It Worse?

People think that eczema affects only children but you would be surprised to know that adults can develop some form of eczema and it is not all that uncommon.

If you are in a high-powered job where you have high-stress levels or perhaps a life event might be causing you higher than normal stress, it’s the right question to ask your dermatologist, if stressing the way you do will make eczema get worse.

2. What Foods Should You Avoid?

What we eat severely affects the way the body functions. It is important to let your dermatologist know what your diet consists of.

You may need to make changes to your diet that will improve eczema and not cause further flare-ups.

3. Will Pets Make It Worse?

Do you have a cat or dog? You might be slightly allergic to the animal in a way that you wouldn’t think? The symptoms of eczema might be getting worse by having your pet on your furniture or inside the house.

Of course, we don’t mean get rid of your beloved animal but it is a viable question to ask your dermatologist, as different breeds of dogs and cats might affect your eczema negatively.

4. Questions to Ask Your Dermatologist: Do I Need to Buy Special Lotions?

Skin moisturizers or even some soaps, have certain chemicals in them that could be negatively affecting your eczema. Ask your dermatologist what chemicals you should look out for, and which ones to avoid that are inside skincare products. They will even suggest a product or two that can help.

You could take an empty bottle of your shampoo and soap for the dermatologist to analyze and this could help them diagnose why you keep on having flare-ups.

5. What Fabrics Make It Worse?

Certain clothes manufacturers mix and match fabrics together to keep costs low. This mixing of fabrics can cause your eczema to flare up so it is important to check what fabric the majority of your clothes are made of and report it to your dermatologist.

The dermatologist might suggest that you stick to wool fabrics for example to keep the effects on your eczema to a minimum. It might be that you can’t wear some fabrics at all.

Live Your Life Eczema Free!

Eczema is a skin condition that when not looked after can severely affect your life negatively. All these questions to ask your dermatologist are very important and will help you live your life completely eczema free.

Do you have any undiagnosed skin conditions? Maybe you think it might be eczema and you’re not sure how to treat it? Head on over and call us to make your appointment today!

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